My portfolio

Throwback…Monday…to that hasty catalog shoot I did with my good friend, Gabby.


Offering a new distraction to the tedium of college life, our guy Andy Rolfes wormed his way through Dallas traffic to visit the Accessories in the Nude Designer Competition last Saturday. Being the opportunistic bastard that he is, Andy brought his camera to capture painting references. But, also fancying himself an artist, he managed to make them look pretty.
There’s a few more photos and models to gawk at after the jump. (Here’s a game: count how many times someone in the crowd looks at the camera. This makes one.)

I managed to get out of my apartment for once.

(Source: curatejointhestudio)

Working on a new t-shirt design for UNT’s Student Government Association.
If all goes well, it’ll be handed out to UNT students for free.

For my brother in Chicago.