My portfolio

Finally got to play around in Photoshop and kind of display how it really feels during a Texas summer.

“‘DALLAS’, aka, ‘When Andy Can Escape the Office’”

#nightlysketch. Meet Charlie, a chronically-depressed head with #lightning for tears. #watercolor #painting #illustration


Just watch: there’s already a sketch of a fan painting inspired by this coolness sitting on my studio table. More to come.

Just ordered prints of a few new photos. They’re going to be metallic, and I’m going to giggle like a school girl when I get them in.

Lost in the Space: Seen at my gallery’s opening of Ellen Soderquist’s figure drawings.

Messy Neapolitan

Working on a few things, branding-wise

Right now, painting is one of the few things giving my life meaning. So I’m enjoying this venture back into illustration.

Trying something new.

…I don’t think I’ve ever posted this series. Anywhere.
I might need to do that soon considering this was for a modeling organization. (They kinda like having copies.)

Jeez, finally got to editing photos from the RAW Dallas show I had paintings in.

These two cool cats are the best of the few I bothered to keep. Kinda glad that I did.

Coverage from a recent event WAAS Gallery and crew were helping out with.

The first steps of getting back into illustration. We’ll see how these guys look after I throw them through a few digital processes…

Sketched almost two years ago—finally got around to panting it.

Just realized I never post my paintings anymore…
Say hi to Legion. He’s 48” x 36”, watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper that’s mounted on a hand-made panel and looking for singles in his area.