My portfolio

Trerell for MOSE
//Further into the archives. WE MUST GO DEEPER

//Another “old” photo pulled back out—from a editorial shoot of a friend’s senior work.

//It’s weird to be nostalgic about photos that I took under a year ago.
S/O to Bryant and Gabrielle for asking for their stuff.

Man, just going back through my archives and I hit my pile for SXSW ‘14. I couldn’t shot shooting because it was so fun.

S/O to Holiday Mountain

A field of dreams

Playing with things between my photos and sketches.

Tha thug life

"How deep do you get?"
//New transparent drawing studies. They’re kinda fun.

Sometimes, playing in your backyard can be a fun thing.

A few shots from the last fashion show I covered. (They rest will be published…eventually.)

Finally got to play around in Photoshop and kind of display how it really feels during a Texas summer.

“‘DALLAS’, aka, ‘When Andy Can Escape the Office’”

#nightlysketch. Meet Charlie, a chronically-depressed head with #lightning for tears. #watercolor #painting #illustration


Just watch: there’s already a sketch of a fan painting inspired by this coolness sitting on my studio table. More to come.

Just ordered prints of a few new photos. They’re going to be metallic, and I’m going to giggle like a school girl when I get them in.