My portfolio



"Mapping the Depths of the Female Form"

//Photography and photo-based 3D manipulation
Master size: 15” x 22.5”

2/3 of the sweet work Patricia Rodriguez made for Collect Respect at the WAAS Gallery.

We got caught in the pouring rain. Long story short, I’m going to have to pay a bunch of money so my Nikon can like me again. 

Props to Monica for being a trooper as we stood underneath a doorway, trying to wait out the torrent.

Twenty-First Goodbye to Precious Home

Watercolor, photography, photogrammetry and digital manipulation.

Master size: ~12” x 15”

//Progress for today: re-editing for future work and macros. This counts as a productive Labor Day.

"You’ve found: A Place To Live!"


Watercolor, photogrammetry, digital collage and digital painting
current size: small

Trerell for MOSE
//Further into the archives. WE MUST GO DEEPER

//Another “old” photo pulled back out—from a editorial shoot of a friend’s senior work.

//It’s weird to be nostalgic about photos that I took under a year ago.
S/O to Bryant and Gabrielle for asking for their stuff.

Man, just going back through my archives and I hit my pile for SXSW ‘14. I couldn’t shot shooting because it was so fun.

S/O to Holiday Mountain

A field of dreams

Playing with things between my photos and sketches.

Tha thug life