1. From the in-progress look book done for my friend, Vanessa.

    I’m kind of really excited for these photos.

    Going through a photo shoot from last week as I inhale the fumes from staining my paintings #datartlife

    +50 EXP if you correctly guess where we found this awesome location.

  3. My space at RAW DALLAS: Spectrum.
    Yes, that is my nightstand with my table lamp and clock. (With the exact time, thankyouverymuch.)

  4. Oh, just a bunch of models hangin’ out in the Library Mall. Ain’t no thang.

  5. We party down at the WAAS
    [“POP UP + Cycochik,” WAAS Gallery, 4/12/14]

  6. Testing my new lens in the lowest light possible.

  7. From a fashion show I covered at my gallery last weekend…

    | Lucy Dang F/W 2014 @ the WAAS Gallery, Dallas |

  8. Feeling kinda depressed about…well, does life in general count? Anyway, figured I would share another JTS@SXSW photo—this time from the Octopus Project.

    If anything, I like the radiance…

  9. Some chill people at SXSW 2014

    More photos at Method 7 Magazine:

  10. Me being all moody ‘n’ stuff to test for an upcoming photo shoot.

    …small children hide from the rain underneath my cliff of a brow. (Thanks, Germanic ancestry.)

  11. ZORCH
    Editing photos from SXSW—This is one of my favorites from last week.

    (More of them saved for Join The Studio and Method 7 Magazine. So…hold on….)

  12. nicklacey:


    Stuff I drew when I was in the hospital around this time in 2012

    My girlfriend

    Some of my friend’s fantastic work.

  13. Probably the best part of SXSW, honestly.
    (@ the 24 Diner)

  14. The dress: fun; one copy
    Editing: less fun; five copies of oh-wait-what-if-I-change-this-oh-crap-hold-on…

  15. Gotta say…my boss is a badass most of the time.